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As modern designed taps come into use, one should ask himself – Is it Eco-friendly?

If not, what can I do to reduce the wastage of water or conserve it?

I have used the Zip-lock bag as a metaphor for ‘Preservation’ of the excess water that is let out by the tap when NOT in use.



The tap in focus here works on a push down control and a shut-off function. So when a user presses the knob, the water continues to flow for 15 seconds and most of the time excess water is let out and wasted.



In my installation, a zip-lock bag is tied around the nozzle of the taps as a symbolic representation of collecting the excess water and preserving it for future use. The entire form is created to provoke some thoughts and questions in the user’s (viewer) mind. Out of the five taps, I have covered four taps with these zip-lock bags hence allowing people to go through all the blocked taps to use the opened one in the end. The text on the mirror provides extra aid to evoke a thought in people’s mind.

user A

Questions to ask your-self:

How much water do I use from this tap?

Can I avoid the wastage of water? Is it by avoiding the usage of such taps?

To what extent can design be eco-friendly in its function as well as modern in its form?

How much difference do I make by changing my choice consciously in order to save water?

user B


At first people didn’t notice the intervention until they went close to the tap and ‘almost’ press down the knob. They would pause and read the note on the mirror. The rest of the few minutes, before they move on to the open tap, either goes by in thinking about the wasted water from the tap, or by mere irritated reaction for having going through four blocked taps. But either ways there is some kind of thought that evokes in the viewer’s mind that in future (if the installation is carried for a longer period) will make people more aware and sensitive regarding the issue of water wastage in any form.


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