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I asked girls in my pg about how much time do they spend in morning in bathroom and it was approximately 20 mins. Out of which they spend 15 mins taking bath and rest of the time in brushing their teeth and in nature’s call. Then I found out how much water does a shower, flush and faucet use in that much time.

Which came down to
Amount of water used in shower in 15 mins is 135L approx.
Amount of water used in flush is 6L approx.
Amount of water used in faucet per min is 7L approx.

Which comes to 151L!!
which is 79 people’s per day intake of water.
which could also grow 11 tomatoes or 6 potatoes or 2 apples
which can also make 4 cups of tea or 1.5 cups of coffee or 1/2 a glass of milk or 3.5 slices of bread.

The idea behind doing this set up was to make them realise that how much water is being wasted and how the same amount of water can be used for something more useful for eg. growing fruits or vegetables.