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Water Works is the game proposal we came up with using our words water- consumption and uses, procedural knowledge and chance. It is a 3D simulation of an everyday situation in an urban household setting. The player can choose his/her avatar and have to manage their main resources which are water and money in order to finish their daily chores. They will face (by chance) disastrous events as well as rewards if they manage their resources well. They finish the game if they complete all their tasks on time and make wise decisions regarding the mode of doing their chores and managing their resources well. If they have excess water or money left at the end, they can carry it on to the next game using their water card.

This could also be developed as a multi-player game, with each person taking on different roles in a family in the household.

To begin with is a slide of the rules and situations that could occur in the game. Following this are screen shots of how different scenarios could be visualised.

Introduction, Rules of the Game

The Kitchen Senario

Living room with the news flash

Bathroom with a different news flash

End of the game