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Using Random Order and Paint writing techniques to diminish the chances of corruption (i.e signing in for others)


Ok so I got stuck – I wanted to use litmus paper. I wanted to leave little pink turn-ing white papers all over the floor of an apartment shared by four boys. I wanted to let the litmus paper somehow show the properties of water. I wanted visual indication to act as a nudge. Itouch’s use litmus paper to fall out of warranty contracts. Litmus paper checks for pH levels in liquids. I still don’t know what litmus is. If it is something I can use, I want to make litmus cloth. I wanted to imitate the concept of tooth brushes that respond to heat by changing colour. I wanted to call the project lit-mat. I wanted to make large mats out of litmus paper. I ended up making woven coasters instead. Water leaves stains anywhere and everywhere. I put a note with the coasters that said what colour is water (in Kannada too) (ref. to the sentence about properties of water). I got some responses – one said what colour is water supposed to be? The other said what am i supposed to do with it? I like the idea of sculptures/paintings changing/responding to environment – i think litmus paper is a medium that can accomplish that. I wanted to use the mats to detect leaks, spills, overflows, drops, etc. Like i said i got stuck.

cards2_copyStud of the Flood is a card game, based on the three words we picked – Abundance, Change Management and Board Game.

We took the words abundance to mean the reoccuring floods across the country each year. In response to these Floods the Department of Disaster Management has issued advertisments on radio and tv, instructing people on how to build their own rafts with everyday objects, and survive the flood. By playing this card game, players will collect objects to build a raft, and supplies, and may also have the misfortune of catching a disease.

By Dharmang and Tanvi

Pump It

Pump It is a 3D digital racing game focusing on the problems related to the distribution and transportation of water within an urban environment. There are three main goals of the game – 1. To create an enjoyable/fun gaming interface 2. while learning how to make quick decisions and learn management skills which will help the development of your city 3. to be aware about the possible prolblems that could occur while transporting water.

The aim of the game is to transport water from the Water Tank, owned by the private provider of water in PUMP NATION, to the various citizens of the city within a stipulated time limit. The tanker driver (the player) begins with 1000 gallons of water credit and a tanker named ‘Ghatotkach.’


The citizens have multiple uses of water – eg. residents want drinking water, farmers want agricultural water, factory owners want it for their machines. At the start of each delivery, the tanker driver has to decide which citizen needs water most urgently. He then follows the route to his destination.

There are various obstacles on the way, such as oil spills, bumpy roads, tyre punctures, which can delay the delivery of water as well as cause water leakage. Eg. if the tanker goes on a bumpy road, 30% water leakage occurs.


Once the water is successfully delivered in enough quantity within the time limit, the tank owner receives water credits, eg 500 gallons. From this he can further deliver water to more citizens. Also, he can exchange these water credits to improve his tanker/truck – eg. improving mileage, increasing water capacity, etc. Also, he can improve his supply systems by buying GPRS machines, mobile phones, sms services, etc.

If any citizen group/region does not receive sufficient water, there is a possibility of drought in that region. This may lead to riots, protests and other forms of civil disobedience in that region, which will block roads, and hamper the players ability to transport water.


There are three perspectives from which the game can be viewed.

  1. Map overview of Pump Nation: Here the player can see the various regions in his city and the water requirements within each of these regions. There will be a constant feedback mechanism telling him the percentage of water fulfillment.
  2. Route overview: The route overview shows the player the route he must take to his destination, delineating all obstacles on the way.
  3. The 3D racing environment: This is the ‘fun’ racing environment where the player must use his keyboard skill and dexterity and show his reflexes in maneovering between obstacles while racing.

The ultimate goal of this game is for the player to create an efficient water distribution/transportation system for Pump Nation while keeping all the citizens happy. The happier (water requirements met) the citizens are, the further Pump Nation will grow as city.

Urban development by controlling the flow.