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This is a proposal for a game based on access to water, research development and individual/ team competition. The game is meant for school students in their Environment Science class . The aim of the game is to develop skills in field research and communication as well as to create awareness about the taboo topic of “toilets”. The game is divided into 2 parts. The first part involves going out into the field to collect information and developing basic comprehension of the subject matter. The second part, which involves a card game tries to help students share and assess information to create links and see the larger picture.

The following are images of the items that will be in the game kit:



Description of the game and rules

Front and back of set of cards to be handed out to each team in which they will collect thier "secrets"


Basic questionnaire that the teams can use to develope their own questions to be used during field research

peepoo badges

badges that will be handed out to each team of 2 before they head out into the field

set of cards

Icons/ stickers that will be placed on a map of locality(printed by facilitator) to pin-point the location of each team's target


map with the icons placed