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8 Responses to "Punch-hole @ NINE..sharvari"

Yours is a pretty fool proof plan in terms of eradicating corruption of the sign in system! But it will also increase the cost of the administration to keep correct attendance records since multiple guards should have to be available for students to have their cards punched since one guard would never manage. Increasing man power is a pretty big cost I think? I really liked your documentation though, especially the part where you show Sira still in bed and then realising that she couldn’t be signed in for. It made the story board more relatable since the last bit actually happens!

> Your system would work well and will reduce corruption too. The only extra effort is making a new system for these cards and how anna would handle about 30 of us who land up at 8.55! So maybe it would help if we combine your’s with sargam’s or urmila’s and distribute them across old campus.

> Also your scenario is complete! Nice end! But I feel a format like urmila’s or sargam’s would have also helped your documentation!

Is there an easier method than the anna finding each persons card? The punch-in system cuts out the possibility of cheating but i think it may also cause a lot of chaos and confusion because it is very time intensive.

Presuming you divide the students into four lots in four different places, during peak time (8:30 to 9:00) there are still large number coming. For the anna to find the cards and then punch them in will take time and cause croed and confusion.

Maybe you could also introduce a filing system like Aaju has so that the guard finds it easier to find the cards.

Is the 3- letter code really necessary? I feel that it only adds to the confusion and the time anna will take to find your card. It does not add to the cheating because the 3 letter code can easily be shared. sing the name itself might make the system run more smoothly.

The punch hole system ensures signing up only once and hence it fulfills the criteria within the specified time. However, there could be a few glitches that would emerge along the way.
This kind of a system could work, only it takes more effort from the administration’s part in terms of organisation, printing, and paper. If the paper is not thick enough, it could become really flimsy at the end of the month.
Would it not be better to have the name instead of the initials? Because then it is easier to find..
Again, there should be a way of sifting and organising the punch cards..

I like the idea of Punching in, because it creates a shift in the system from you doing something, to you just initiating something, all you need to do is show up on time and give in your name. Sure the whole process could be simplified by better organization of cards, specific locations etc.

In terms of reducing corruption – i think with your idea is successful. there is no way one can sign in for another.
the punch card is similar to an id card with all the information, so attempts to get someone elses card punched is impossible.

I only think that this procedure is quite long. having every student wait in line to find their card and get it punched would get difficult esp during rush hour. so the places for sign up could be distributed into year wise.

the documentation is clear and i like the actors =)

I think your system will totally decrease corruption.
But i think it will be lot of pain for anna to find everyone’s card and what if there are lots of people coming at same time? Instead what if everyone carries their own card since then anna would only have punch it!
I like that way you’ve documented especially the part where sira is still sleeping and thinking about signing in.

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