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Theme : Water Infrastructure

Meaning : Physical Skills

Medium : Performance

This single player game of Sky droppings is about creating customised infrastructure for collecting water during the monsoons. The player has to perform the task of collecting water, thereby learning  physical skills. From using an inverted umbrella to collect water, to creating a water collecting object using tanks, pipes and taps, the degree of complexity and challenges increases with the increase in level.

The predominant rule in the game is to avoid obstacles such as puddles, cacti, acid rain and bird droppings. The games simplicity lies in the fact that there are minimum rules. If one cannot collect enough water in the given amount of time, there would be no life left to carry on.

Though anyone can play the game, the interface and graphics have been designed keeping children in mind. The game would be available in the monsoon season, so that they can actually implement some tasks of the game in real life.

Joint effort put together by
Sharvari Shah
Sargam Gupta