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Random Brushes with 9 O’Clock Presence

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Using Random Order and Paint writing techniques to diminish the chances of corruption (i.e signing in for others)


7 Responses to "Random Brushes with 9 O’Clock Presence"

I think the random ordering part might be beneficial to students at times since Matthew catches people when he sees their hand at a different height of the page! But I think painting or using paint brushes would definitely make the whole process a lot more fun! I think our college being a design college should make students do things differently, engaging us a lot more. Painting signatures opens up a lot of possibilities about what mark you make on the paper since no one said it has to be your name or initials!

> Your idea also would work well for it being a playful game type singing in proceedure! I am sure people would enjoy doing this for a few days, but I am only worried about the chaos in the office! It is already real bad, and if one has to first search for their names in 5-6 different sheets, it is going to be very chaotic, and infact add to the corruption I feel =) So this would probably be a batter idea to sign in for many!

The randomization of the names could go both ways- increase or decrease signing up for others. Maybe the signing for others can be contained by randomizing names within batches/ years and dividing and placing the sheets in different places like Sargam’s. That would also reduce the amount of confused crowds that the randomization will cause so that it is easier to catch them if they are cheating.

I like the idea of painting in your name. It lends some meaning to the idea of sign up especially since we ARE in a design school, but i do not see it in terms of increasing or decreasing corruption/ whichever word suits best in the sign-up system. I think it might just cause frustration during rush hours of sign up, for both students and administration.

I only wonder what mess would the office be in if paint brushes were used to sign in… however again, if its worth the effort, then why not?

I wish your documentation was a little more comprehensive… Though I understood everything when I looked at it, I had to look twice.

nice work!

I can only think of one thing for your system- a game! where the reactions would be fun to observe but after a while it would create chaos in the admin as well as for the students. i think after a while one would get immune to it and sign randomly for as many ppl as he/she can during her time of signing up.
I felt that your documentation lacked finishing. so i guess it was misleading in some spots.

i think the random order of names would work well for decrease of corruption. its always easier to sign in for a friend when you know where their name is written. i only think that having the randomize the lists everyday would be quite a task for the administration every day.
the paint brush is a fun idea – but i don’t know if it will decrease or increase the corruption. some might find it easier to sign in for another with the brush.

i think randomization of names may increase or decrease corruption since everyday one has to find their name and while finding one can just sign for someone else also but finding ones name takes time which would not allow to sign in for others.

I like the idea of signing with brush because it sounds fun but I think it would take a lot of time and it would also create a mess in the office.

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