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7 Responses to "ID’s for Attendance"

The ID cards that you made didn’t have to be the exact same as the ID cards that we already have… since this card is mainly for identifying that the person holding the card is the same as in the ID card this attendance card could only have the picture of the student, their name and the year and batch that they are in. If only these three things are one the card then the time taken to look at the card and check that Priya isn’t holding Sirawon’s card will be a lot less.

> It definitely reduces corruption because it is being handed over in person(which seems to be fool proof=)), but instead of it being a library card, it could just be any other card to avoid issues of people wanting to borrow books during the day or travelling more than one time to the office to give/collect the cards.

> The paper, though is supposed to make life easier, I feel is doing the same job as earlier. They could even enter the data directly on the comp maybe? When they have their cards in, thus reducing one step in the process.

>It also does not waste paper because its the same card being used all year round and also would reduce the amount of commotion in the office every morning! The system could even be transparent by the office putting up this database online!

The idea of having to personally hand something over as confirmation of one’s presence works (obviously! i used it too :P) because it seems difficult to cheat.

However if the card has to be reinvented with the specialization and colour does it have to be the college card anymore? It could be made specially for the sign up instead because it will interfere with using the library.

Also if Mattew is ticking against the names of those who have given it in, he could just do that during sign-up time so that the students can just show their card instead of handing it in.

On the other hand, if the cards are being handed in, then the list loses its purpose as Mr.Anand can enter the names into the computer directly looking at the cards.

I really like the attendance sheet with the tick marks. It can work really well and reduces effort and cost from the office’s point of view.

I do not know how feasible is the idea of submitting and collecting ID cards is. What if people forget their ID cards? Or do not collect them? What if I sign in old campus and have to work in new campus for the rest of the day? Could a system be defined in which either one does not have to submit and collect, but just show the card… or like in Aajwanthi’s case, have a rotational system where the cards are picked up from one point, and submitted in the other?

Your idea works well for stopping cheating amongst students while they sign up.
I think they should have a separate Id for library and the college I.d card( which would be used to sign up)
If Matthew is ticking in front of your name when you are giving in your ID then why not just show him? will there be a crowd formed around him during the last five minutes of sign up, do you your system solves that issue?
The system of giving back the cards needs to be given a thought as you are assuming a lot here.

I like the colour coding and tick marks they work really well. Although if someone has to tick mark anyway, and if the student has to give in their ids anyway, maybe you could bring the two together, and have the student show matthew the id card, and he immediately puts a tick next to their name. This simplifies your process and still keeps intact the visual language of what you want. Although this would mean, having someone from the administration available every morning solely for attendance purposes.

Your idea has two parts. and i think one part works perfectly. just simply having to show up and being marked present. its exactly like being marked for attendance in class – when the teacher has the list and just marks them all. it has worked well, having very less chance of anyone cheating.

i think the color coded id-cards isnt necessarily. and having someone deliver them to new campus is quite inconvenient. so- if one could just hand in, get marked and be handed back their id cards it would take less effort.
so just breakin the whole system into two and usin one would also be effective enough.

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