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Posted on: August 20, 2009


An attempt in decreasing cheating in our everyday sign up

(Though we highly do not recommend it)

Each student has a card(two weeks on each card) which is separated in-terms of years instead of specialization, since most of us mostly consider signing-in for our same-specialization friends because we know who comes late and what classes we have. Thus by arranging it in terms of classes, we are minimising the chances of finding our specialization friends.

It is arranged in alphabetical order, as seen in the picture with slots for each alphabet. It is made easier for the students to find their card by searing within a maximum of 10 cards, in a single tray which is meant for their batch. All they have to do it search in the slot with first letter of their name. This is placed near the main gate, minimising the time the student needs to get to the sign up, thus more people can be on time! The time when the student collects the card is the time noted. They need to do this before 9.00 am.

The student then takes his/her card and signs on it and needs to hand it over personally in the office upstairs before 9.05 am, thus again, minimising the cheating. Even if the student flicks someone else’s card, it is impossible for them to hand over two cards to the administrator.

This mainly draws from a filing system. This system

–   Reduces commotion and noise when people crowd around various notepads each morning

–   Makes students run less

–   Ensures two stages at which a student can be caught cheating

–   Thus decreasing chances of students singing up for other students

Here is a storyboard of a possible scenario in Srishti on a Wednesday morning. (Please click on the image and then press ctrl and + to enlarge)


7 Responses to "File me in"

The complexity of the sign up really doesn’t allow much room to the students for cheating! So i think this system is pretty good to eradicate the possibility of students signing in for each other! However it does increase the amount of time that students would have to spend in the act of signing in for themselves, and it would also increase the amount of work the office will have to do to check everyone’s records of sign-ins in the morning.

The good thing about this is that cheating becomes very difficult, however the cost of sign up goes up drastically for the administration. Its will be a nightmare for whoever has to enter attendance to go through roughly 300 sheets everyday. Maybe the filing system itself could be worked on so that (let us say) Mr.A does not have to pick up and/ or flip every card to see the signature.
Are there other ways to arrange the sheets so that you can see the signatures at a glance so that they need not be picked up.
The form of the sheet itself could be tweaked.

Also since in the taking and returning of the card the possibility of cheating is cut out, there is no real need to sign. You could have tick boxes that would reduce the space used. You can fit in more days or keep them all on one side so that the additional task of checking at the back is reduced. (and its easier for the student)

I think a system like this will definitely reduce fake sign ups, but i wonder if there is an easier method of collating the sign up cards, because it might cause a lot of restlessness and scramble in the morning looking for cards even though they are in alphabetical order. This is because there are possibilities of wrong arrangement by the administration and so on.

What is good about it is that it is a fool proof plan, and if the cost of time and effort is worth it, it might as well be executed. (Not from the perspective of the students though:))

Firstly your storybood is well done but felt that the mock up of the card could be worked on.
Your system would def. reduce the amount of fake sign ups. but it might need a few touch ups regarding the form of the sign up cards. instead of having one week only on one side, i think you could include two so in all four weeks on one card (as you dont need a lot of space to sign.). this would mean you need to circulate the cards every month instead of after every two weeks. this would also reduce the amount of ink, paper and effort in printing those cards. I also think the tray used to place the cards needs to be sturdy keeping in mind that the tabs shouldn’t bend or tear off after frequent friction.

I honestly think, the system you have recommended (or not : ) ) is really complicated. It definitely reduces the chances of signing up for other people, but increases time spent, process work, people involved etc. and maybe doing all that is necessary to decrease corruption. however i dont think there needs to be so many changes/points of interaction, maybe you could pick just one of them.
I do like your documentation of what you did though. I think your picture works really well. The descriptions in the comic script could have been placed on top, or within the panels to draw more attention to them.

i think your idea has quite strong points that will decrease corruption. especially since there are two places to pass. it does need more coordination than most ideas.
but maybe when there is a rush in the main gate and in the office – one could take a second card – because there is only guard monitoring the cards for the entire college. so again – i think the less the crowd the more difficult for corruption – maybe the cards distribution could be divided between one near the gate and the other near the reception. even in the office – while slipping it in – if there is a big crowd handing in their cards – it could be difficult for the administration to keep track on every ones – so slipping in a second could take place.
im just so stuck to crowded places easy for corruption.
so i think your ideas are strong – but little more coordination would do it.
and yur documentation – very comic like – i enjoyed reading it.

I think in this kind of system its almost impossible to cheat since someone is always watching you.
But it increases lot of work for office plus it also takes too much time to sign in. Is it possible that we dont have to sign because anyway we have to pick up card from anna and then keep it in office where Mary or Mr.A is always there also they will not have to check if we have signed or not.
Also if the cards were arranged according to specialization it would make it easier for people to find there cards and no one would be able to take others cards since someone is always watching.
I like the way you have showed the possible scenario of your system.

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