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Posted on: August 20, 2009


Decreasing defection in the sign up system

The present sign-up system has numerous opportunities to cheat, which, the smart students of Srishti make full use of. In order to stop this nefarious habit, the old system has to be done away with.

In the new system, each student is issued a second copy of their already existing library card. Each student is required to directly hand in their card every morning before 9:00 am. There are four collection points for the four srishti batches;

1st year : Admin office

Collected by Mr.Anand/ Mary

2nd year : Cafeteria

Collected by Matthew

3rd year : Parking lot gate

Collected by the guard

4th year : Main gate

Collected by Prakash anna

The cards will be taken by the individual at the respective check-in point. Those coming in after 9:00 am will have their cards kept separate.

At 9:30 am all the cards are collected in the office/ library. Using the existing system (for library use) the cards are scanned in to the system and attendance given accordingly.

After college hours the students are required to pick up their cards and then leave so as to use the card the next day.


  • Disables cheating as the cards have to be personally handed in. The collecter (obviously) would notice.
  • Reduces crowding as it is only a matter of handing it in.
  • Makes sign-up faster.
  • Makes the entering of data easier and faster for Mr.Anand/ Mary

(The photos are part of a video which i will put up as soon as i figure out how)

9 Responses to "Card it"

I think this idea is pretty good though it increases the cost of signing up for students a lot more since we would then also have to pick up our cards at some point and when you have to go to other campuses it becomes a bigger pain! Also what would happen if you did forget your card? I really enjoyed your documentation though and I think the rushed feeling it gave a pretty good idea of what it’s like to have to sign up and sign for someone else!

> Your stop motion animation was really amusing and fun to watch!
Distributing the sheets would definitely reduce the chaos and handing over the card is a fool proof way, thus also reducing the corruption. Again, instead of it being the library card that you hand over and need to go re-collect once they finish singing you up for the day, it would be better to have a separate card that is in the office through the year to avoid loosing/confusion etc. The only extra effort that i see in this is that 4-5 people need to be sitting in the various stations at that particular time! Also if it is scanning it, the costs would increase in making such cards and mr swamy having to scan 300 cards each day! So maybe the same system could be simplified, to just handing over plain cards which the office can enter in the system?

There isn’t an extra cost for scanning because the entire system already exists for the library card. Both as the pin code on the cards and the system on the comp to enter data. I tested the scanning to sign in with Mr.Swami and it takes less time than Mr. Anand entering it manually in excel. So the cost for the administration is actually reduced.

I really liked your video. Though there was no time to read the text :p The video really gave the feel of the rush everyone goes through in the morning. It makes it easier for Srishti office, but it sure makes it difficult for the student, both in terms of signing up for others, and in terms of the running around that he/she would have to do!

I really liked your video. It gives the feel of the morning rush that every one has to go through. The scenes were well captured! Even though the text was too fast to read the video more or less does its job:P

Though you have reduced the effort from the part of the office, it has been doubled on the behalf of the student. We anyway have attendance in class too!

The problem of collecting Id cards still exist. Students keep switching campuses, and its really out of the way to come back from different campuses just to collect a card.

Your stop motion animation was AWESOME….it reflected the working of a srishti student’s mind while signing up!
The card system worked well, but I think the collecting of cards and distributing them later on creates a little amount of disturbance which could be avoided by again having a system where u are just supposed to show your card?

Your solution completely changes the whole sign in system. and to a large extent it eliminates absolutely any chances of corruption in that sense. I think it would be more feasible to not have to give in the cards though, the idea of having two separate cards is a little confusing, if there is a scanner involved, and like you pointed out the time taken to scan in the ids is not too much, maybe you didnt need to give it in, but have the individual representative scan it immediately and give it back to the student.
I really liked you documentation – the text was fast, and sure flash sucks to work with (at first). although you paid a lot of attention to the narration, it was a little confusing to watch the same person run up and down a bunch of times – it just makes the whole process look a lot more complicated than it actually is.

your stop motion video was too funny and nicely done.
your idea is just what i think would solve corruption – having the places for sign ups distributed – causing less chaos and easy for administration to keep track.

the only problem is bringing the cards to school everyday – there are possibilities of forgetting them – so maybe once the cards are scanned there could be a place where they are kept and picked up by students – either that same day or the morning after before attendance – that way – it would also reduce the time spent waiting to collect cards.

i think your system would definitely reduce corruption since everyone has to hand in their own cards but the idea of picking up our cards from old campus is a little painful since we have classes in different campuses. Instead why cant they scan our cards then and there only because then there will be no pain of picking up our cards later on and it would also reduce work for office.

I really like your documentation and feeling of it because it actually feels like that when you’ve to sign in for someone else also.

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