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Posted on: August 20, 2009

Most of us (students) find it difficult to sign in every morning. We sometimes have late nights and getting to school at 9:00am is tough. We get others to sign in for us, so we aren’t marked absent.

There are chances of getting caught, so I noticed that if we sign in with the rest that come on the bus – the office gets more busy and crowded. This makes it harder to keep track of people signing in and easier to sign in for a friend.

Firstly I talked to the bus driver about the timings of the bus. It usually reaches at 8.55am rush hour.


I wrote out a message and sent it to everyone.


c And the Message Reads:

d e f g h

When there are few people – it is harder to sign in for another


But when the Bus arrives and the crowd gets bigger.

k l

It is easier to sign in for another –

NOTICE in the picture – some doing so!! m

9 Responses to "BEEP BEEP"

I really liked the way you typed the text message since your idea is based on the concept of flash mobs. Since there was imagery done with text symbols, it really grabs attention and makes the person seeing it want to participate because it looks like fun- at least that’s how it worked with me! Also, images made with text symbols always makes text messages more fun!

> I like the fact that it is based on cooperation and that a fair amount of fun planning is required to get there at one time to sign in! So, in a sense it is like a game, which results in a flash mob!
> It is probably something that can be implemented right now and will work as well! But the enthusiasm needs to last for this to happen everyday.

I really like the text message images that were made. I think the message that was made in its entirety could be sent to the student body initially and then maybe only the image (such as the bus) can be used as a signaling device for when the bus is about to arrive. That way the message will fit into one sms… keeps it cheaper.

It might be difficult especially to coordinate people to sign up with the arrival of the bus because those who have cme earlier will want to do it immediately. Maybe you could convince people to use the time to come up and sign again for their friends instead.

Also you could upload the system into an existing student underground forum to get the idea to everybody. Again that will reduce the money you spend trying to get everybody to know of the system.

While the mobbing of the office in the morning is an appealing idea i think it may be difficult to coordinate it regularly. Maybe you could create a group that people could sign up for. so whomever wants to know when the bus will arrive the next day can gives their names and those people can be messaged the bus image 🙂 so that they can come sign in for their friend at that time.

I really like the system of text messaging and creating this sort of flash mob every morning, when the bus arrives. Its all about the unity which students often have and making use of it. It would have been nice if there was an element of sound or video to it, and would have made the documentation much more dynamic 🙂

Your idea would totally work to cheat in the morning sign up! The system would create a mob around the admin every morning around the precise timing when the bus is coming.
the means of spreading the message can be expanded through facebook and twitter.
The system obv. isnt meant for 100% cheat but for those who master the skills 😉 it would be a piece of cake.

I think similar to Pushpi’s solution, yours looks at what is essential to signing-in as well as cheating the system because of which it is doable and effective. It reminded me of how people cheat out of buying bus tickets when the bus is really crowded. It is about being opportunistic and works really well.
I think your documentation is good, although because the photographs are so different it could look nicer if it was story boarded.

ok. not look nicer. but communicate better

i think your idea of signing in a crowd works really well. There are lots of chances of cheating and no one getting caught also. And its always easier to sign in for others in a big crowd. I also liked the bus and the different people on your phone that you made for the msg. I think the bus or the group of people would work really well as message to send everyone if you actually put your system into practice.

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