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Dot dot done!

Posted on: August 19, 2009

attendance issues!

Enhance cooperation between students to hack the sign- up system!

If a person has to sign in for someone else (say X) but can’t due to reasons like Matthew or Mr.Anand being super vigilant at that moment, they can ensure that the next person coming in knows that X needs to be signed in for by putting a little dot on the left hand corner of X’s signature box. These dots will represent the need to sign in for someone else and they can go undetected if students ensure that they cover the dot while signing.

Similarly if I know that I won’t be coming to college tomorrow or not come in time to sign in I myself can put a dot in my signature box for tomorrow. This will inform my friends and partners in crime that I need to be signed for.

This system reduces the cost of students by not having to spend money by messaging others to sign in for them the next day and avoids detection by Mr.Anand since telling people to sign for others outside the office is a risk for students.

Signing in for others by word of mouth  is the current system Getting caught is a risk!

The new DOT code simple-easy

DOT dot done! on Vimeo.

(click the above link to watch the video)

by Pushpi Bagchi

8 Responses to "Dot dot done!"

> Yours was probably the only immediate workable idea that would actually help us! As we discussed in class it is easy to do and efficient if done properly. Your stop motion also gave a clear scenario and was entertaining =) I can’t think of any way to simplify it!

I think you should also put your system up on one of the existing underground student forums. This way the word will spread faster and hopefully there wont be too many leaks.

Maybe you should test it one to see if it really can work efficiently. The idea itself is simple and workable so i have no idea what else to say for it. If i write beyond this it would just be to meet Gabe’s 100 word rule, so I’m going to stop.

This is probably the only system which can be incorporated in the present one. It should definitely be implemented, and a student code should be formed!

I really have no criticism for it! Its great!

The dot – the tiniest thing but very effective.
we should try it out – or maybe i should just change my signature to a dot itself.
the documentation was also a nice idea – Fun to watch.
Nice work!

The dot – the tiniest thing but very effective!
it’s quick! people have to get used to it to make it visible.
we should try it out – or maybe i should just change my signature to a dot itself.
the documentation was also a nice idea – Fun to watch.
Nice work!

Your idea would work the best to cheat effortlessly if the ‘code’ is communicated well amongst the students. how about using the mediums like face-book or chain mails. see if there is any way you can reduce the risk of getting caught by the watchful eyes in the admin office.
lets start using it from Monday! 🙂

The dot works really really well. It is simple, effective and communicates/indicates what its supposed to really well. I think you should definitely implement it, and see what comes out of it.
I like the way you thought of what is essential about the sign-in system and picked something that fits so snugly.
Good Job! : )

I really like your system because it is so simple to do-just a dot, and it can also work.
I think we should actually implement it! 🙂

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