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Constant Vigilence

Posted on: August 19, 2009


Constant Vigilence from sargam gupta on Vimeo.

It is too difficult for one person to keep vigil over every student, and make sure that no one signs up for the other. I decided to distribute sign ins for students according to their destination and the numbers.

I chose 4 hot spots:

– Entrance Gate (Guard)

– Office (Mr. Anand)

– Library Entrance Desk (Guard)

– Cafeteria (Matthew)

If the sign up sheets are distributed tactfully, there will be fewer numbers for each of the above authorities to preside over, and the chance of signing up for other people will reduce drastically.

Enjoy the video!


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6 Responses to "Constant Vigilence"

I enjoyed watching your video! Especially the hand drawn parts because I am partial to hand done stuff! Distributing the signup sheets does decrease the chaos that happens in the office around 8:55 when people are rushing in just in time so that’s a pretty good bonus for the administration even though they have to increase their man power for the job. However I think with a little tact students still might be able to sign in for someone else- what if I start talking to the person in charge to make him or her look up at me while you quickly add in 2 more signatures?!

> I really enjoyed watching your video! It gives a nice introduction to the issue we are dealing with. Yours is a simple, immediately implementable solution and will effectively reduce the chaos, though the cheating would be as much as now if someone is not watching effectively =) A legend/sign at the entrance saying where one should go to sign up might be helpful,for beginners at least.

I’ll start with a compliment. I thought your documentation was really slick and well- finished.

Dividing and distributing of the sign-up sheets certainly reduces the possibility of cheating and signing up for others but does not cut out altogether. It is still possible to cheat while the guard is distracted or by picking up the board but the plus point is that it has almost no cost (if you use existing labour such as the guards at the gate) so it is easy to implement for the administration.

To reduce cheating even further, you could, perhaps put all the names in each spot in alphabetic order so that your friends are not always close to you. That way not only are you more likely to be caught because vigilance is tighter but also because the names are a mixed up.

Your video was well done, but i felt it could have been more successful if more stress was given upon the maps than the visual elements that were supposed to aid it.
The way you have distributed the sign up sheets work well and would definitely reduce a lot of chaos and burden off the admin office.
I was wondering if you could actually create a map for this system which would be local to srishti and would also have other information that would help the students and visitors.
are there any ways in your system that would help reduce or aid the faking of sign ups.

I think the name of your proposal doesnt really suit what it actually is, it suggests something far stricter, because of which in some sense its a bit of a let down.
Leaving that aside, the idea of separate locations makes the process a lot smoother, but I cant be sure if it directly targets either enabling/diminishing corruption. I think your proposal can form the basis upon which you could do a lot more to diminish corruption.
Nice documentation : ) Esp. the Logo.

I enjoyed your video. it was a smart way of documenting. even the illustrations were cute- esp the sristhi logo.
your idea is just the opposite of mine. Distributing the sign up sheets to 4 places – making the office less crowded and hard for one to sign twice. It is effective and easy to implement.

i just think its unfair that you put the VC sheet with mr anand and not with the gaurd outside the library. sometimes we need grace. =)

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